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Draftback: A Nifty Google Docs Extension

If you want to see a playback of your Google Doc writing and revisions in an easy to view format, give the extension Draftback a test drive. Draftback allows you to play back everything you’ve written in a Google Doc and view it as a movie. With a Google Doc, the revision history tracks every keystroke and the history is available to anyone you give “Edit” permissions to. As a teacher, you can easily play back and analyze the process a student used on a piece of writing.
Draftback can be found in the Chrome Web Store in Extensions. Unlike other extensions, this one appears in the document on the upper right-hand corner.
After selecting the Draftback button you can see a playback of your writing that looks similar to this:

Document data and a stats summary are also available and can be found in the document graphs and statistics link. Once Draftback is installed, it will work in any Google Doc no matter when it was created. Draftback is great way to peer over the shoulders of your studen…

Technology Summer Camp

Do you wish there were more technology professional development classes available?
Do you want to create technology infused activities to use with your classes next year?
Do you wish you had time to play around with some technology tools?
Are you wondering how to make the best use of the devices appearing in your classroom?
Register for the First Technology Summer Camp!  Check out all the details on the website.  Complete challenges of your choice, apply them to curriculum you teach, and work on them at your own pace.
Summer is about having fun and taking time to explore.  Why not make Technology Summer Camp part of your adventure?  Earn cool badges and clock hours!
Register by June 26, 2015