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10 Collaborative Technology Projects for grades K-8 Students that work even if you are not 1:1!

Reading this article this morning (while cuddling with my dogs), I recognized many tools that I've tested over the years with students as well as a few new ones I can't wait to try.

Some of the tools work better with a subscription.  As we shift our thinking towards integrating technology, consider using your $350 to purchase inexpensive subscriptions to products you think will work great with your students.

Try out the free version first or talk a young friend into teaching it to you (I learned a lot from my eight year old nephew this summer) and then determine if the subscription will enhance the project.  Unsure if you should buy the subscription? Contact your Instructional Technology coach and we will be happy to take a look and make a recommendation.

I often get asked, which tool do you think is best?  It just depends on whether the tool meets the educational…