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Google Slides: Layer Transparent Images

Sometimes, after scouring the entire Internet landscape in a desperate quest to locate the perfect picture, you still come up short. Dejected with determination drastically waning and success seemingly unattainable, you hang your head unsure of where to look next. But don't give up! Success could be at your fingertips! You can find transparent images and layer them in order to get exactly what you want.

Here's how to do it!

1. Open your slideshow, document, or whatever it is where you're going to display the picture.

2. If you haven't found a transparent image yet, click this link, to find directions for how to do that.

3. If you are in a Google app, such as slides or docs, click the 'Insert' menu, hover over 'Image', and select 'Upload from computer'.

4. Browse your computer for the image, click it, and then click 'open'.

5. Move the image where you want it to be in your slide or document.

6. Import another transparent image you have f…

Google Docs: Organize with Folder Icon

Want to avoid the gigantic digital trash heap of loose files that can become your Google Drive? Of course, you do!

The fact that you don't need to save work in Docs can be a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because you are never going to lose those files. It's a curse because you're never prompted to save those files so they can be almost impossible to find!

One thing you can do is use the folder icon when you finish working on a document so you can move it to a location you'll always be able to find. It can be a good habit to do this whenever you wrap up that doc!

Here's how:

1. After you finish working on the document (or before you start working or in the midst of working), click the folder icon to the right of the file name. 

2. A menu will open showing all the folders in your Drive. You can choose one of them for the location of the doc by clicking the name of the folder and then clicking 'Move'.

3. If you don't have any folders yet or if…

Google Docs: Spell Check!

Great news! Google Docs now comes equipped with a button to spell check your documents!

Here's how to do it:

1. After you complete typing your document (or halfway through or after every line), click the icon with an A and a check mark just to the right of the 'Print' icon.

2.  On the right-hand side a box will open showing the misspelled words and will give you the option to change the one word, change all the words that may have been misspelled the same way, to ignore the word, or if you have an unusual name like 'Aillaud', add that puppy to the dictionary!


Save time with this new tip from Google tools!

You can now open any of the Google Tools by typing the name of the tool and .new into a browser tab.

So open Chrome and type:
- for a new document
- for a new slide show
- for a new form or quiz
- and for a new Google sheet

Or watch the video to see the shortcuts in action.

Credit to the Google Docs Twitter account for inspiration.

GMail: Share a distribution list

Need to share a GMail distribution list you created with a friend?

Here's how:

1. Go to

2. Hover over the menu to the left and scroll all the way down until you see 'Switch to old version'. Click it!

3. The old version will look clunky and some of your contacts might appear to be dancing up and down, on the plus side, it will work now.

4. In the menu on the left, click on the list you'd like to share. Mine is called 'Radley McQueen'.

5. When the list opens, click the 'More' drop-down menu near the top.

6. Select 'Export'.

7. Be sure to click 'The group' button so you don't share all your contacts.

8. This will create and download an Excel file.

9. Share the Excel file with your friend through Google Drive or as an email attachment.

When your friend receives the file, here's what she will do.

1. Go to

2. Click the 'More' drop-down and select 'Import'.

3. Select 'Choose Fi…

GMail: Create Distribution List

If you have a group of people you email on a consistent basis and are tired of typing in each of your recipient's email addresses every time you communicate with them, creating a distribution list would be just the thing for you!

Here's how you do it:

1. Type into your address bar in Chrome.

2. Hover over the menu on the left and scroll all the way down until you find 'Switch to old version'.

3. It will look clunky and some of your contacts might be dancing up and down a little, but on the plus side, it will work now.

4. On the left side, click the red 'New Contact' button.

5. At the top, you'll see a button that looks like a person with three heads with a drop-down menu, click it.

6. When the drop-down menu opens up, click 'Create new'.

7. Name your group something awesome (or practical) and click 'OK'.

8. Find your new group in the menu on the left and click it.

9. Click the button at the top that has an outline of a person and a…

Google Slides: Make pictures worth 1000 words

Who wants to watch a presentation with 1000 words of text on each slide when you could replace it with one amazing image?

Use the Explore tool in Google Slides to make those images pop and say goodbye to boring presentations!

1. Open your Slides presentation.

2. At the lower right, click the icon that looks something like a sparkle in a text bubble.

3. Search for an image you'd like to add to your presentation and press 'Enter' on the keyboard.

4. Click 'Images'.

5. Scroll down to search through the images, hover over the one you want, and click the '+' sign to insert.

6. Click the arrow pointing left to go back on the Explore tool until you see the word 'Layouts'. The image will be in your presentation at this point.

7. Select the layout you like best. Don't worry if it's not exactly right, you'll be able to adjust.

8. In my case, I selected the top layout and turned by slide from this...

Into this...

9. But I don't like the giant …

Find images without backgrounds for presentations

You're busy working on an awesome slide show presentation. You've got your background all picked out, you've found the PERFECT font, and now you're ready to add pictures. The problem is that any photo you find has an annoying background that doesn't match your color scheme, appears all boxy, and just doesn't look that great.

What you'll need is to search for images that have a transparent background.

Here's how:

1. Go to to start a search.

2. Type whatever you're looking for into the search bar.

3. Click on 'Images'.

4. Click 'Tools'.

5. Click 'Color'.

6. Select 'Transparent'.

7. Left-click the image to open it in the browser.

8. Right-click the images you like and select 'Save image as...'

9. Name the file something you can easily remember, in a place you can easily find it. Click 'Save'.

10. Import the image into your slideshow by clicking the 'Insert' menu, hovering over 'Ima…