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Google Slides: Layer Transparent Images

Sometimes, after scouring the entire Internet landscape in a desperate quest to locate the perfect picture, you still come up short. Dejected with determination drastically waning and success seemingly unattainable, you hang your head unsure of where to look next. But don't give up! Success could be at your fingertips! You can find transparent images and layer them in order to get exactly what you want.

Here's how to do it!

1. Open your slideshow, document, or whatever it is where you're going to display the picture.

2. If you haven't found a transparent image yet, click this link, to find directions for how to do that.

3. If you are in a Google app, such as slides or docs, click the 'Insert' menu, hover over 'Image', and select 'Upload from computer'.

4. Browse your computer for the image, click it, and then click 'open'.

5. Move the image where you want it to be in your slide or document.

6. Import another transparent image you have found using the same steps described above.

7. Drag the new image on top of the image you imported in the previous steps.

8. Resize the image so it is proportional by clicking and dragging one of the blue dots in the corners.

9. Grab attention by adding an arrow as seen in the video above.

10. You've done it! You've found your image by creating your own! Three cheers for you!


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