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Find images without backgrounds for presentations

You're busy working on an awesome slide show presentation. You've got your background all picked out, you've found the PERFECT font, and now you're ready to add pictures. The problem is that any photo you find has an annoying background that doesn't match your color scheme, appears all boxy, and just doesn't look that great.

What you'll need is to search for images that have a transparent background.

Here's how:

1. Go to to start a search.

2. Type whatever you're looking for into the search bar.

3. Click on 'Images'.

4. Click 'Tools'.

5. Click 'Color'.

6. Select 'Transparent'.

7. Left-click the image to open it in the browser.

8. Right-click the images you like and select 'Save image as...'

9. Name the file something you can easily remember, in a place you can easily find it. Click 'Save'.

10. Import the image into your slideshow by clicking the 'Insert' menu, hovering over 'Image', and selecting 'Upload from computer'.

11. Browse to find the image and click 'Open'.

12.  Arrange the image or images on your slide any way you'd like with no annoying background!


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