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Google Docs: Organize with Folder Icon

Want to avoid the gigantic digital trash heap of loose files that can become your Google Drive? Of course, you do!

The fact that you don't need to save work in Docs can be a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because you are never going to lose those files. It's a curse because you're never prompted to save those files so they can be almost impossible to find!

One thing you can do is use the folder icon when you finish working on a document so you can move it to a location you'll always be able to find. It can be a good habit to do this whenever you wrap up that doc!

Here's how:

1. After you finish working on the document (or before you start working or in the midst of working), click the folder icon to the right of the file name. 

2. A menu will open showing all the folders in your Drive. You can choose one of them for the location of the doc by clicking the name of the folder and then clicking 'Move'.

3. If you don't have any folders yet or if you don't want to save the doc in any of the folders you've already created, click the folder icon with a plus sign in the lower right corner of the menu.

4. Name the new folder and click the check mark. Then click, 'Move here'.

5. Ahhhh...look at you, Marie Kondo!


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