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Google Slides: Make pictures worth 1000 words

Who wants to watch a presentation with 1000 words of text on each slide when you could replace it with one amazing image?

Use the Explore tool in Google Slides to make those images pop and say goodbye to boring presentations!

1. Open your Slides presentation.

2. At the lower right, click the icon that looks something like a sparkle in a text bubble.

3. Search for an image you'd like to add to your presentation and press 'Enter' on the keyboard.

4. Click 'Images'.

5. Scroll down to search through the images, hover over the one you want, and click the '+' sign to insert.

6. Click the arrow pointing left to go back on the Explore tool until you see the word 'Layouts'. The image will be in your presentation at this point.

7. Select the layout you like best. Don't worry if it's not exactly right, you'll be able to adjust.

8. In my case, I selected the top layout and turned by slide from this...

Into this...

9. But I don't like the giant black spot in the middle of the cat's face. To get rid of it, click on the text boxes and delete them.

10. Now, since the slide has no text, my layout options will have changed.

11. Select the one you like best and turn your slide into a work of art!


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