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Please join us for this Professional Development opportunity!

EdCamp is a fun and relaxed environment for learning and sharing. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other educators in and around our district. The focus of this EdCamp is on technology integration but the agenda is open to all issues. Find out more at the official website. The registration form is available on the website or here. Please register soon because there’s a limited number of tickets available.
FAQs Can only teachers attend?All teachers, para-educators, administrators, and interested people are welcome to attend. Registration is open to all including educators outside of the district.
Are clock hours available?Yes. Five free clock hours are available for teachers and administrators in the Edmonds School District. Clock hours are also available to out-of-district people for a fee.
What sessions will be offered?EdCamp is a form of unconference designed for participants and their needs. Participants begin the d…

Creating Bibliographies -- A Great Way to Use Cell Phones in Class

For months now, we've been shouting about EasyBib as a great way for students to create bibliographies.  A challenger has appeared, however: RefMe

Like EasyBib, RefMe allows students to create a bibliography in MLA format by either searching for their sources (books, websites, YouTube videos, and 36 other source types) or filling out details in a form.

It has a Chrome extension to allow for one-click citations, and also a mobile app that allows students to scan the barcode of a book in order to create a citation.

This is a great way to harness the power that is already in the pockets of many of our students, and to shift the paradigm of cell phones in class.

Have you used reference tools with your students?  Do you have other tips for using cell phones in class?  Let us know in the comments.