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Cool Online Tools for the Classroom

Are you looking for ways to use more technology in your classroom? Try out some of these online tools.

Trading Cards:  Use this free program to upload photos and create a trading card about fictional characters, historical figures, events, or many other possibilities.

Digital Timeline:   Create a class and provide a code to allow students to join.  Students create timelines and can turn them in to you.  Teachers can assign timelines to students.  Timelines can include quiz questions, videos, images, text, and more.  

Mindmapping:   These two tools can be used to record ideas of the class or students can create their own.   Both of these are web based and require Google Account logins.

Jeopardy, Flashcards, and Quizzes:  Use this site to help you do more with Google Sheets in the classroom.  Create flashcards, quizzes, and a jeopardy like quiz show by using this website along with Google Sheets.  Templates and instructions are included on the site.  


  1. Thanks for the mention of Hstry! Hope you're enjoying creating timelines with your students.


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