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Technology works with Math Instruction

Math and Technology

As schools begin to receive more computers, many math teachers wonder how they are going to regularly use technology in their instruction.  Here are some ideas and links to blogs that might help you figure out how to use technology with math.  

Edweb presented an online webinar titled “Mathematics Meets Technology” taught by a high school math teacher, Emily Fitzpatrick.  The webinar provided access to many different resources from tools to use with students to activity and lesson ideas. In order to view the 1 hour webinar that is now archived, you will need to join the community by creating a free account.  
The information included on this document highlights the tools and math related blogs presented in the webinar.

Blog Title
Link to Blog
Mathy Cathy
Includes ideas and tools for integrating math and technology.  Links to resources.  Some of the links go to sites that include materials that have to be purchased, but others are free.
Emily Fitzpatrick’s Blog
Math instructional ideas including many using technology and specifically GAfE.  The technology tools she uses all work with Chromebooks.
Math Instructional Ideas Blog:
Reason and Wonder
Blog includes strategies, lessons, and ways to integrate technology into a math classroom.


Online Resources
Helps students with graphing functions and visualizing other math concepts.  Allows students to manipulate data and see its impact.
Main site:
Teacher designed activities:
Learn Desmos:  11 different categories on how to use the graphing calculator to teach different concepts.
Stopping Distance of a Car Activity
Functional Art  Assignment and examples.
Functional Art Assignment:
Desmos Art:
Desmos Staff Picks:
Create solution packs for students to be able to check their answers for practice questions.

Trading Worksheets for Desmos.  Activities to use with students.

Google Forms
Use for Check-ins and identify the next steps if students need more learning.  Use for entry or exit tickets or other quick formative assessments.
Google Forms 201 - educational uses
Learning Bird
Select instructional videos and lessons from a library or explore how to upload your own.  Great to use when there is a substitute so the instruction can still occur, optional for students to view for instruction, or use for students who missed class.
Connect with a Google Docs Assignment to check the students learning on the concept.
Google Calendar
Organize information for each class and share the calendar to allow students to sync to phones or their own calendar or embed it on a website.  Provide assignment details, resources, and links that students, parents, IEP teachers, or others can access from any device.  Use to help students keep track of homework.
Google Docs Add-ons that allows mathematical  equations and symbols to docs.  Speech to text is possible.  
One time only instructions -
To Create Add-On:  
Open a Google Document, Select Add-ons at the top of the page, Select Get Add-ons, Search Math, Select the blue FREE button.
To Access Add-On:
After adding it, Select Add-ons at the top of the page, Select the g(Math) Add-on to use it.
Example:  Sinusoidal Transformations Assignment - Google Document.


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