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Google Classroom Updates for Teachers

Google Classroom Updates for Teachers


October 2016
  • Topics can be added to a classroom, posts can be linked to the topic, and then filter the stream by those topics.
Organize your posts by topics (ie. Essays, Discussions, Assignments, Announcements).  

1. Add Topics
(left side of stream view)
2. Title the Topic
3.  Create or Edit a Post to Identify Topic
Select the topics listed on the left side of the stream view in order to see only posts belonging to those topics.

Individual Assignments (Differentiation)

January 2017
  • Assign tasks to individual students instead of the entire class.

1. Create an Assignment, Announcement, or Question
2.  Select the Class and Student(s) to Receive the Post  (Default is ALL Students)

Individual Assignments (Differentiation)

January 2017
  • Teachers can now receive notifications when work is turned in late or resubmitted.  

1. Select the Menu in Classroom  (top right)
2.  Scroll Down the List to Settings
3. Check the Box Under Notifications

Warning:  You will receive emails for the following actions

  • A student submits work a second time, after it’s been returned from a teacher.
  • A student sends you a private note.
  • A student submits work after the due date.
  • A teacher invites you to teach a course as an additional teacher.
  • Someone comments on your post.
  • Someone mentions you in a post or comment.


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