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Two cool Chrome extensions you can use today!

Read & Write

Read & Write is a Google Chrome extension intended to help learners who struggle with reading or writing online. However, all learners will benefit from using it. The extension has many great features including word prediction, traditional and picture dictionaries, text-to-speech, screen masking, speech-to-text, single-word translation, highlighting, and more!

To access, look for a purple puzzle piece in the extensions bar labeled with an ‘rw’ read&write.PNG. After clicking the extension icon, a menu will drop down with all of the Read & Write options. To hide the menu, simply click the icon again.

For a short video tutorial, please follow this link for Read & Write Tutorial on YouTube.


EquatIO is a Google Chrome extension that makes writing math equations and formulas much easier. It allows Chrome users to type equations and formulas using prediction features, LaTeX editing, handwriting recognition, or speech input. There are also many pre-built formulas that you can insert into your documents. EquatIO works well with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawing, and Forms.

To access, go to the Chrome Store and search for EquatIO and then click ‘Add to Chrome’. Once the extension has been added, look for a blue diamond shape in the extensions bar equatIO.PNG. After clicking the extension icon, the equation editor will pop up from the bottom of the screen. To exit the editor, simply click the extension icon a second time. Please note, Edmonds School District students already have the extension and will not need to go to the Chrome Store.

For some short video tutorials, please follow these links:


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