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Read&Write: An Amazing Chrome Extension

Are you ready to meet the Chrome extension that everyone's talking about? Well, let me be the first to introduce you to Read&Write for Google Chrome!

Before we get started, you'll want to add Read&Write to your Chrome browser. Click this link and then click 'Add to Chrome'. If you are a teacher in the Edmonds School District, your students will already have the extension, so they will not need to take this step.

After you have added the extension, click the small puzzle-piece shaped icon at the top of your browser. It will look just like the image above. If a menu doesn't open, you may need to refresh or relaunch Chrome. After that, you'll be in business!

The following videos demonstrate how to do many of the features Read&Write offers, but there are more. Explore the tool to find your favorite features!

Dictionary and Picture Dictionary

Screen Mask

Make a Vocabulary List

Simplify Page

Highlight and Collect Highlights


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