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Google Drive: Priority Page

Google is continuously updating its products to improve user experience. One recent update to Google Drive is the priority page!

On this page, Google shows files that it predicts will be most relevant for your recent or upcoming work. It also gives you the option to create 'workspaces' to find files you use frequently more efficiently!

Here's how to use it!

1. Open your Chrome browser and type into the address bar

2. On the left-hand side below the 'New' button and above 'My Drive' you will see an icon of a checkmark in a box with the word 'Priority'
3. After clicking, you'll see the files Google predicts will be most important for your upcoming work

4. To create a 'workspace', scroll down and click 'Create Workspace'
5. You'll be prompted to name the workspace and then click 'Create'

6. You can now add files to your workspace. Google may give some suggestions to you based on your recent activity. If you don't like those choices, click 'Choose other files...'

7. Select the files you want to add to your workspace. Remember, you can add multiples files by clicking while holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

8. When you've added all the files you want, click 'Done'.

9. The next time you sign into Google Drive, your workspaces will be there waiting for you and you'll never lose another important G-Suite file again!


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