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Google Slides: Insert Audio

It's finally here! It's now possible to insert audio files into Google Slides so that music can accompany your presentations.

Here's how to do it...

1. Open a Google Slides presentation. This could be a new one or one you've created in the past.

2. Click on the slide where you want the audio to begin playing. It can play through the entire slide show if you'd like.

3. Click on the 'Insert' menu and select 'Audio'.
4. Browse to find the audio file you'd like to insert. Google should show your audio files automatically. Click the file and then click 'Select'.
5. The audio track will display as a little speaker icon on the slide.
6. By default, the audio track will start playing once you click the slide and will stop playing once you move to the next slide. To change these settings, click on the speaker icon so it is surrounded by a blue rectangle and click 'Format options' near the top of the screen.

7. A menu will open on the right-hand side allowing you to change the default settings. One setting that could be very useful is the music will play throughout the entire slide show if you uncheck 'Stop on slide change'.
8. This is the newest update to Google Slides that I know of. Please, play with the settings and let me know if you find anything amazing!


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