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Google Slides: Print Multiple Slides Per Page

Digital is fabulous, but sometimes nothing beats good old-fashioned paper for taking notes. Printing multiple Google Slides to a page with room for taking notes is one great way to do this, but the steps may not be as obvious as you'd think...

1. In the Google Slides presentation you'd like to print, click the 'File' menu

2. Select 'Print settings and preview'
3. By default, Slides will print one slide per page without room for notes, to change this, click '1slide without notes' to open the menu

4. Select the number of slides per page you'd wish to show. 
5. By default, the slides will print horizontally, to change this, click 'Landscape' and select 'Portrait'

6. When you're happy with the preview, click 'Print'

7. Finally, click the blue 'Print' button


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