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GMail: New Searching Feature

Finding old emails in GMail can be a real pain sometimes. Why in the world is this? After all, Google got its start as a search engine! Luckily, a recent update could make things a little easier.

Before we get into the new update, there are a few little secrets everyone should know.

First of all, the entire 'Search mail' text field is a drop-down menu that can help you filter your searches. Instead of just typing into the field and pressing <Enter> on your keyboard, try these steps:

1. Open GMail

2. On the righthand side of the Search mail text field is a tiny upside-down triangle

3. After clicking the triangle, you'll see a myriad of options to filter your search. Usually by remembering who the email is from and some of the keywords in the text, you'll find it!

Okay, now for the second big, fun tip before the new stuff. Don't ever delete your emails, archive them! GMail gives you nearly unlimited storage, so you might as well try to fill it up! When you archive an email, it will look like it's gone forever, but the beauty of it is that you'll be able to find it in the future. I've trained myself to just archive everything.

To archive...

1. Hover over the email you don't want

2. Four icons will appear: a downward arrow, a trash can, an envelope, and a clock. Click the arrow and it will be archived!
And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for! The new searching feature!

1. In the text field type keywords or the person who sent the email or whatever you think will work to find that missing email and then press <Enter>. You don't need to click the aforementioned drop-down menu.

2. Search results will be displayed as normal, but in addition to that, six fabulous buttons show up to help refine your search to locate exactly what you're looking for! Filter the search by selecting whether the email was from you, when it was sent, whether it has an attachment, if calendar updates should be included, if it was sent directly to you, or if it's unread. Still can't find it? Click 'Advanced search' and the dropdown will open to let you filter even more!


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