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Synergyse: A Fabulous Interactive Training Resource Waiting for You to Try!

 We are so lucky! Embedded in GAfE is a wonderful, often overlooked, training tool called Synergyse provided for you by the Edmonds School District. It can be found by going to your Google Drive
and looking at the top of the page for the Synergyse icon next to Training.
From the drop down arrow, you have easy access to an interactive training system for Google Apps and Drive.
The training available is a combo of audio and visual lessons that are short, easy to follow, and take place right inside the app you're working in. While you're in an app, the lessons allow you to learn and take actions at the same time so you don't have to toggle back and forth between screens. Two of the many great things about this feature is that you can watch as few or as many lessons as you want and you can search for specific topics. The peeps at Synergyse provide regular updates allowing you to learn all about the cool new GAfE updates easily. So give it a try next time you're wondering how to do something in Docs, Sheets, Calendar, or Drive!


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