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Two Highlighting Options in Google Docs

I've always had an aversion to highlighting books. The idea of taking a neon yellow felt pen and marking up a pristine page in a book, for any reason, seems sacrilege. I don't feel the same about highlighting digital text, probably because it's so easy to erase or wipe the page clean. And, as a teacher, I see the benefit of showing students how to highlight text (with discretion, of course) to identify text-based evidence, the main idea, or words and phrases that create associations.

In Google Docs and Slides, the highlighting tool is not front and center but easily accessible (if one knows where to look!). In Docs or Slides, move the cursor over the section you want to highlight, go to Text Color:

Click the Highlight side and choose the color you want to use:

Presto chango, the text is highlighted! Unfortunately, this process needs to be repeated for each selection you want to highlight which brings me to Option 2: Getting a highlighting "Add-on".

To add a highlighting feature in Google Docs:

Go to Add-ons.
Click on "Get Add-ons".
Search for "Highlighting Tools" and add:

To use in a Doc:
Go to Add-ons and click on Texthelp Study Skills to open the highlighting tool which appears on the far right-hand side of the document.
Now you can select the text you want to highlight. 

I find Option 2 easier to use and a bit more student (and teacher) friendly. And the the "Collect highlights" and "Clear highlights" options are an added bonus. Happy Highlighting!


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