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Chrome extensions educators will find useful

One of the benefits of using the Google Chrome browser are the many different extensions that can be added.  What are extensions you ask?  They are features that can be added to the browser allowing you to customize it to fit your needs.  Once an extension is added, it is simple to access from any webpage.  A right click on the mouse, a left click on an icon next to the URL, or a simple left click on the double arrows (>>) at the top right corner of the page will provide access to the extensions that have been added.

How do you know which extensions are the best?  You are probably thinking that there are numerous options available in the Chrome Web Store and I do not have the time to search them all.  Do not fret!  Here is a list of some extensions that you might find useful. URL Shortener

Want an easier way to provide a link to a website or document?  This extension is a MUST have for the classroom teacher.  Instead of a complex web address this extension provides a shortened version.  After adding it, you simply need to select the URL shortener from your list of extensions.  Wa-lah! You will now have a shortened URL to share.


Want to get rid of the distracting images, ads, and text that appear on webpages?  Use the Readability extension to help filter out the actual content on the site.  This is a great tool especially when working with students who may be distracted easily by extra content.   

Diigo Web Collector

Wish students could highlight, annotate, and interact with content they read on the Internet?  The Diigo Web Collector is a great research tool.  It allows the reader to highlight quotes or paragraphs from a text, create a sticky note with comments or thoughts about the highlighted section.  Annotations for the entire article can be viewed and copied into Google Document.  Great tool to help students find details and to immediately record their reasons for choosing the information.  It would also make a great way to model reading, highlighting, and annotating for students.


Need a way to help students evaluate sources and cite them correctly?  EasyBib is a website that many people are familiar with, but the Chrome Extension makes this tool even more user friendly.  Once a website is found, a simply click on the EasyBib extension

QR Code Extension

Looking for a quick way to share a link?  The QR Code Extension provides the option of creating a scannable  QR Code for any URL.  It even works with Google Docs.  Create a document, change share settings to anyone with the link can view, and then create the QR Code with one simple click on the extension.  


  1. Another good one that I just found today: Permanent Clipboard

    It allows you to keep a bank of common feedback comments in a menu, and you can add them to a document with a couple of clicks. Pretty nifty.


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