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Google Docs: Change the Default Font

For those of you who don't have a three-year-old at home and maybe haven't seen every Disney princess movie 6,000 times, you may not know that Ariel, the young mermaid in The Little Mermaid, desperately wants to, "be where the people are." She wants this so badly, in fact, that she makes a Faustian bargain and trades her voice with a sea witch in order to transform her tail fin into legs for three days. Yikes!
"NO...Don't do it, Ariel!!!"

Perhaps coincidentally, every Google Doc automatically has the font set to Arial. While you may consider your fonts and think they're neat and may even think your font collection's complete, you can choose a font and keep it permanently by changing the...What's that word again? Oh...default. You won't even have to make a deal with Ursula! Let's take a journey under the sea to find out how!

1. Open any Google Doc or create a new one

2. Click the font menu, it will say 'Arial'. Select your favorite font from the menu. There are whozits and whatzits galore here. I would recommend choosing something a little conservative for your default and staying away from gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

3. To change the font size, click the '11' next to the font and select the size you like. 12 pt. font is fairly standard.
4. After you've chosen your font and size, click the 'Format' menu, hover over 'Paragraph styles', slide to the right and hover over 'Normal text', and then select 'Update 'Normal text' to match...'
5. Only one more step to make the change hold! Again, click the 'Format' menu, hover over 'Options', and select 'Save as my default styles'.  

Now we can walk, now we can run, now your favorite font be part of your world!


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