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Google Slides: Embed YouTube Videos for Sound

Google Slides is an awesome Google app. It's got a ton of great features that make it adaptable for many different class projects - far beyond just presenting. Unfortunately, one major and legitimate complaint is there is no option for adding sound. The good news? There are some workarounds.

One of the clearest ways to do this is to embed YouTube videos in a Slide and then 'hiding' them so a soundtrack can play when you get to a new slide in the presentation.

Here are the steps:

1. Open the slideshow where you'd like to embed a video.

2. Once you're in the slideshow, click on the slide where you'd like the video to play. I want my video to play on the slide shown below.
3. Click the 'Insert' menu and select 'video'.
4. Here, you can search YouTube for a video or go to first and then copy and paste the URL for a video you want.
5. Click the video you want and then click 'Select'.

6. The video will drop right in the middle of your slide, which is no good at all.
7. Click the image of the video so it is highlighted in blue.
8. Click and hold one of the small blue boxes in the corner of the video and drag inward to shrink the video.
9. Now, this is the part where we get a little crazy! Click the video and drag it into the gray area outside the slide, but touching the edge of the slide. You'll know it's right if you see a red vertical line running up the side of the slide.

10. Right-click the video and select 'Format options'.

11. Click the arrow to open 'Video playback'.
12. Check the box next to 'Autoplay when presenting' so the video/song will start playing automatically when you get to the slide.
13. Be sure your speakers are not muted, then when you click to present your slideshow, the music will play automatically and you won't have to see the video!


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