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Google Classroom, Slides, and YouTube can change your classroom.

Knowing about Google Apps for Education (GAfE) and Google Docs is one thing, but how do you use the tools to enrich learning?  Check out these ideas from Matt Miller’s blog, Ditch that Textbook.

 Ditch that Textbook
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“10 Google Slides activities to add awesome to classes” provides several ideas for activities that can easily be adapted into a variety of grade levels or content areas.  Google Slides is similar to PowerPoint, but it is much easier to collaborate on projects because multiple people can be working on the presentation at the same time.

“10 ways YouTube can engage your classes now”  provides some unique ideas on how to incorporate YouTube into lesson beyond simply pulling up and watching a video.  YouTube videos are also the only videos that Google Slides enables to be uploaded directly into a presentation.

“The Google Classroom Quick-Start Guide + tips and tricks!”  and “12 great ways to start using Google Classroom now” provide an overview of Google Classroom from creating a class to ways it can be used with students.  This is a great way to digitally deliver assignments to students.

If you are interested in other tech tools or ideas, browse the entire blog.  Who knows, you might just be inspired to try something new that you would like to share with us at Tech Peeps and Grumpy Cat.


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