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Graphic Organizers using Google Drawings

A lot of curriculum and instructional strategies include the use of graphic organizers.  These offer a great way to help students organize thoughts, content, and make connections.  However, many teachers struggle with how merge their love of graphic organizers with having students use technology and going paperless.  Google Drawings makes this possible.

Matt Miller posted a blog article, 15 FREE Google Drawings graphic organizers — and how to make your own”  on his site, Ditch That Textbook.   There are several Google Drawing templates that can easily be modified for your classes or could be used to inspire your own creations.  Matt Miller also includes directions on how to share the Google Drawing Graphic Organizers with students. Character maps, timelines, fishbone planner, and many other graphic organizers are featured.  

Extend the use of graphic organizers in Google Drawings further by having students create their own.  After showing students several different types of graphic organizers with the class, allow them to choose the one they feel works the best for them or demonstrate their understanding.  You can also encourage students to create their own unique graphic organizers to share with the class.


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