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Piktochart: Creative Online Tool for Displaying Information

Teachers are always looking for new and creative options for their students to be able to demonstrate and share their learning.  Why not have students create an infographic to explain a topic through images, graphs, and text?

Piktochart is available as a ChromeApp or simply visit the website directly.  Students can create an infographic and publish the link to share their content with others or download an image file (see example below).
Classroom Connection:
Requiring students to write for a variety of purposes and audiences is spelled out within the Common Core State Standards.  A Piktochart can work for a variety of content areas.  Check out some of the ideas below:

English:  Author Study, Book Report/Review, Genre Study, Literature or Book Club Newsletter
Social Studies:  Newspaper,  Country Report/Statistics, Biography, Comparing Time Periods
Math:  Formulas or Procedures, Real World Applications, Math in Your Daily Life, Statistics
Science:  Inventions, Scientific Method, Famous Scientists, Science Concepts (life cycle, etc..)
Other ideas:   Marketing or advertising an event or product, Content Specific Vocabulary, Classroom Rules/Procedures


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