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Detecting Plagiarism With Hapara

Guest post from AMS teacher, Dean Nakanishi:

Unfortunately, I had to discover a new way to detect shared plagiarism within Hapara / Google Docs. If you suspect two students have shared significant portions of their essay with each other (but you can’t remember who paper #1 belonged to and you don’t want to go back and re-read 40 to find it)…
  1. Go to Hapara -> “Sharing” -> “All Docs”
  2. Copy a few sentences of suspected Paper #2 
  3. Click on the Search “magnifying glass” icon 
  4. Choose the drop down arrow to “Full Text Search” (instead of “Title Search”) 
  5. Paste in sample sentences and search class by class 
  6. It will eliminate students until you arrive at the class that had “sharer” of Paper #1 
  7. You can confirm that they shared by checking Sharing History 
  8. You can confirm the copy and paste by student #2 by checking Revision History (more details) to see how their essay “suddenly appeared”


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