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Teaching Digital Citizenship Through Online Games

Common Sense Media have launched a new game that allows you to check your Digital (Moral) Compass.  Called Welcome to Anywhere, it allows students to explore real-life issues with social media, online peer pressure, self-image, and more.

Using simple story paths, players take each character through a dilemma and see how their choices affect them.  Each "level" ends with a game of some sort (e.g. sorting statements into positive and negative online behaviours).

It's a great way to look at consequences of online/offline decisions, and to show students how the divide between the real world and digital world is being eroded rapidly.

The cute animation and overly moral tone will likely be a turn-off to high school students, but could always be used as a springboard for a project for students to design their own "choose your own adventure" story and game to teach younger students about issues they may face in high school.


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