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More from Synergyse...Forms and Google+

Have you checked out Synergyse yet?  There have been a few posts previously about this great training tool for Google Apps that is provided for users in the Edmonds School District.  The great news is that Synergyse has added to their training materials!  

Google Forms

Have you been wanting to create a formative assessment, quiz, or survey using forms, but not sure how to start?  The training modules for Google Forms range anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes and can be accessed right from the form you are creating.   These modules will help take you through the steps.  

Each training is divided into these categories:

Introduction to Forms
Working with Forms
Adding Questions or Other Items to a Form
Publishing your Form
Managing Forms response data
Additional Features

You can choose to play all of the modules in a category or simply select the topic you are interested in learning about at the time.


Google+ is unfamiliar to many people, but there are many great educational communities that you can join.  You can also create circles of co-workers, content area teams, or other groups that you wish to communicate with.  (Google+ is only open for educator accounts within the district and not student accounts.)

There are now training modules for Google+ that will help guide you through the features. Like other Synergyse modules, they range from 24 seconds to 5 minutes. 

Each training is divided into these categories:

Find People

If you are interested in exploring Google+, I would highly recommend joining the following communities:

GEG Washington:  Community of Washington Educators that share ideas, issues, and solutions at a variety of grade levels.

Google Apps for Education:  Focuses on updates and strategies on ways to use GAfE.

How do you access Google+?  

Note:  If you see the Synergyse icon at the top of a Google App with the word Training next to it, then there are modules available to help answer your questions.


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