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G Suite URL Tricks

If you’ve ever crossed your fingers and hoped that students (or adults!) won’t alter a Google Doc you’re having them make a copy of, try forcing users to make a copy of your document. This way of sharing allows each user to make a copy of your original, and the copy is now fully owned by the user (so it lives in her/his Google Drive). To do this with any G Suite app (docs, sheets, drawings, slides) go to the end of URL and replace the word edit after the forward slash with “copy”. If your shareable link has other characters besides “edit”, don’t worry, just replace edit with copy. When users open the link, it goes to a screen with a Make a Copy button and your original won’t be altered.

To allow users to preview your document as a template, without being able to edit it, replace edit with “template/preview”. This is will create a combination of a preview with the option of making a copy. Template links are great for users to see the document before making a copy. This copy will now belong to the user and will live in her/his Google Drive.


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