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GMail: Schedule Send

The time of day/week/month that communication is sent matters. Don't believe me? Just ask Juliet Capulet who conspired with Friar Lawrence to fake her death with the assumption that Friar John would deliver a letter, explaining the whole thing, to Romeo Montague who was kicking it up in Mantua. Unfortunately for our young heroes, Friar John got himself locked up in quarantine, the letter never made it and all was lost. Bummer.

If you ask me, Juliet should have used GMail to write an email with a scheduled send to ensure her beloved boo would get the message. Or, she could have just texted him, but you know Lady Capulet was monitoring those.

Here's how she should have done it:

1. Go to to open your email.

2. Click the '+ Compose' button near the top left corner.

3. Type the email address of the person or persons to whom you'd like to receive the message, type a subject line, and your message.
4. Instead of clicking 'Send', click the drop-down menu just to the right of the 'Send' button and click 'Schedule send'.

5. Choose one of Google's suggestions for times sent, or pick your own!
6. After you select the time, GMail will automatically send the email at the time you picked! If, at any point, you realize you made a mistake and want to edit you can find the email in the 'Scheduled' label to the left. Its icon is a paper airplane with a clock.

That wouldn't have been so hard! Come on, Shakespeare, fill those plot holes!


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