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Google Slides (and Docs): Make Your Bullet Points Fun

  • How many slideshows
  • Or documents
  • Have you seen
  • With bullet points
  • That look like this?
What if we could jazz it up? Let's say...turn those bullet points into a rainbow or a unicorn, wouldn't that be more fun? Yes. It. Would.

Here's how: 

1. Open your slideshow and click a slide that has a list marked with bullet points.
2. Right-click one of the bullet points.

3. Select 'More bullets...'

4. Search for something fun, like 'unicorn'.

5. Click the icon that appears (like the unicorn above) and your bullet points will be replaced with cute little unicorns!

6. Alternatively, after your right-click and select 'More bullets...', you can draw what you're looking for in the 'Draw a symbol here' box and Google's draw recognition software will find matches for you.
7. TA-DA!!!


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