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Google Calendar: Clean-up, Delete, or Hide Calendars

Using Google Calendar can be handy for keeping yourself organized. On a day-to-day basis, I wouldn't be able to function without it. The problem is unwanted calendars can really start to accumulate making every day look like an impossible checkerboard of irrelevant meetings.

Here's how to clean up your calendar!

Hide Calendars

Sometimes it's nice to see what your colleagues are up to or at least when they're busy, but knowing what others are up to all the time is overwhelming and probably a little intrusive, too. By default, any calendar you add will display, but you can easily hide them.

1. Go to

2. If your calendar looks like the one shown below, it's probably time to hide some stuff!

3. The menu on the left will show all the calendars you're subscribed to, they are checked by default which means they will be on display. Click the checkmarks to deselect all but the most important calendars to you. Below, I have WAY too many calendars checked!

4. After unchecking, your calendar will no longer result in instant migraines.
Delete Calendars

Did you know that every Google Classroom you create automatically generates its own calendar? Well, now you do and although I'm sure this was created with the best of intentions, it's really not a useful feature. You can hide them by following the directions above, or you can just delete them and then you never have to think about them again!

2. Look to the menu on the left, you'll see any Classroom you've created or joined. All of the arrows are pointing to calendars generated by Google Classroom. Yikes!

3. To permanently remove your access from the calendars, hover over the name of the calendar. You'll see a little 'X' appear. Click it and a message will appear making absolutely certain you want to remove the calendar. Trust me, you do. Click 'Remove calendar' and the calendar will be gone and your life just got a whole lot less complicated. Well, at least in the Google Calendar department.

4. If you don't want to be quite so drastic, you can hide the calendars from your list. To do this, hover over the name of the calendar. You'll see a three-dot menu appear, click on that and select 'Hide from list'.


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