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Google Calendar: Find a Time

Scheduling meetings with multiple people can be hard. We're all busy and finding a time to get four or five people together can be a complete nightmare. The good news? You can use Google Calendar's 'Find a Time' feature to make scheduling a little easier.

Here's how it works.

1. Go to

2. Near the top left-hand corner, click the  '+ Create' button
3. Title your meeting, but don't worry about filling anything else out yet, just click 'More options'
4. Add all the guests you'd like to invite to your meeting

5. At the bottom of the guest list, Google will offer some suggested times. Cool!
6. If you want a better visual or to see more options, toward the left-middle part of the screen, you'll see 'Find a Time'. Click it!

7. Here, you'll see a side-by-side comparison of everyone's calendar! When you find a common time when everyone is available, click the white space and a gray bar will appear across all displayed calendars. The date and time boxes will autofill. Then click 'Save'.


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