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Google Docs: Add Color to Your Document

Ever want to spice up your Google Docs with a little color? Now is your big chance with this three-in-one tech tip!

Change the Background Color

1. Open your Google Doc

2. Click on the 'File' menu and select 'Page Setup'

3. Under 'Page color', choose which color you'd like your document to be
4. Click 'OK'

5. Your document will now be the color you selected. If you chose a darker color, your text will probably be hard to read (see below), so you can...

Change the Text Color

1. Highlight all of the text in the document you wish to change. If you'd like to change it all, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A

2. Click the 'Text color' icon marked by a capital A

3. Select the color you'd like. Be careful about choosing some colors as they may contrast and be difficult to see. For the dark purple color shown above, white text is a good choice (as shown below).

4. Wait, you want each paragraph to have its own color? Well...

Change the Color and Add Border to Each Paragraph

1. Highlight the paragraph you'd like to change

2. Click on the 'Format' menu

3. Hover over 'Paragraph styles' and select 'Borders and shading'

4. Select the position of the border, the width, dash, color, background color, and paragraph padding (the distance between the words in your paragraph and the border). Then click 'Apply'.

5. Your paragraph will pop like a neon sign on a circus tent! 


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