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Google Docs: Find and Replace

Years ago, while taking a class on children's literature, I read an excellent book called Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan. After reading the book, the task was to write a paper outlining the benefits of teaching the book to students. I finished the entire paper before I noticed I had misspelled the word 'Esperanza' every time I'd typed it! I painstakingly went through my entire paper looking for every instance where I had typed the word to fix the spelling mistake...if only I had known about using 'Find and Replace'.

Using this editing function allows for the option of finding the word each time it appears in a document and then replace it with another word or phrase. Here's how to use it.

1. Open the Google Doc where you need to replace a word

2. Click the 'Edit' menu and select 'Find and replace'
3. In the text field next to 'Find', type the word or phrase you'd like to locate within your document. In the text field next to 'Replace with', type the word or phrase you would like to replace the word with. The 'found' words or phrases will be highlighted. To see them all, you can drag the 'Find and replace' box anywhere on your screen.

 4. You can click 'Replace all' and all instances of the words will be replaced or replace the words one at a time by clicking 'Replace' and then 'Next' to get to the next word.

5. That's pretty much it, but something to note is that shorter words, such as 'her' will be found embedded in other words such as 'other', so be careful using the 'Replace all' button.


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