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Google Translate: Translate Documents

Google Translate is a fabulous tool when you're looking for a way to translate a few words, phrases or sentences, but wouldn't it be nice if it could translate an entire document? You are in luck can! The software will even translate PDFs with readable text. Please note, this process will not work on PDFs that were created by simply scanning a paper document, although there is a workaround, find it at this link.

Here's to do it:

1. Navigate to

2. Near the top left of the page, click 'Documents'
3. Click 'Browse your computer'. Notice the many file types that are compatible.
4. Select the document and click 'Open'. It also works to double-click the file.

5. Select the language the document is written in and the language you'd like to translate it to.
6. Click 'Translate'
7. You'll now see the text translated into the language you selected. You can copy and paste the text into a new document. Note that these translation services are not nearly as reliable as a person (although they are improving all the time), but are useful in a pinch.


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