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Hauntingly good reasons to teach Digital Citizenship

Whether or not technology is present in classrooms, it is vital that time is taken to cover some Digital Citizenship basics.

Our students have never lived in a world without pervasive technology. Every piece of information ever recorded is available just by logging into a device. The term 'Digital Natives' is sometimes tossed around to describe the current generation traveling through our K-12 schools.

Unfortunately, despite the massive comfort students have developed using technology, they also have little understanding of the consequences and implications that can result from using technology inappropriately. In this way, they are digitally naive.

Luckily, there are resources to help! Below are links to some sites to help implement positive digital citizenship lessons into instruction. Above are some videos for educators courtesy of Common Sense Media. Digital Citizenship is also a great topic for morning meetings and can be a great way to connect with individuals.

Our students will make mistakes, but those mistakes can be a great opportunity for learning and moving forward. Be sure to listen to students as they talk about navigating their digital world. Sometimes a teacher is the only adult who will.

Links to Digital Citizenship Resources:


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