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Google Docs: Help Students Stay Organized with Tables

"I wouldn't mind grading online assignments as much if students could just organize their answers in a way that makes sense!" said an exasperated teacher on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon. Well, now there is a way to help students write their answers in a more organized fashion and the solution is TABLES, of course!

No! Not that kind of table! I'm talking about inserting a table into a Google doc.

To do this:

1. Create a new, blank Google document.

2. Give the document a title, preferably one that would make sense for students completing the assignment.

3. Type a question the way you normally would on any assignment.

4. Click on the 'Insert' menu and hover over 'Table'.

5. Choose a one-celled table.

6. Fill the table with a light, pleasing color such as 'light cornflower blue 3'.

7. Add directions at the top of the document so the students know to type their answers in the blue boxes (or whichever color you choose).

Pro-tip: Your students will write more if you expand the table before you share the document with them.

Create a table for each question. Organization will abound and grading will get slightly easier!

Watch the video above for visuals of how to do this.


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