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Well, that's Clever

If you are an Edmonds School District classroom teacher in grades K-6, that means you have access to the Clever system

Clever is a convenient way for students to sign into online programs because they only need one username and password for the programs that sync up with Clever. Students can also access Clever from home or from school with their username and the password 'test'. K-1 students will automatically be logged in at school by using their Clever Badge, but will need their log in information for home unless their home computer has a webcam and they have a Clever Badge at home.

To find your student's usernames, the quickest way is to go to the password reset tool and click 'Print this student list'. This will create a class list with usernames that you can print. The generic district username formula is the first five letters of a student's last name, the first three letters of a student's first name, followed by 000 (zero, zero, zero). Some students have a different number code at the end if they have a common name.

Teachers can also log into Clever and access all the online systems with only one password! 

Teachers can add additional resources to their Clever page with the following steps.

2. Add a title in the gray rectangle at the top (most folks have used their name)

3. Click the gray square underneath 'My Class Resources'. 

Clever has many resources pre-loaded, but you can add any web-based resource you would like by pasting the URL in the 'SEARCH OR ADD A RESOURCE' box.

Want students to access Clever in an even quicker way? Have them add the Clever portal as a shortcut on their taskbar, then online systems will be a mere two clicks away!


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