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60 Second Recaps

This is an interesting website that I discovered recently -- 60SecondRecap -- it offers help and advice for Language Arts students through a variety of entertaining blog posts.  What's most beneficial is the series of titular recaps -- short, one-minute videos that serve as a refresher for main concepts in language and literature.

Here is a typical example, focused on Huxley's Brave New World:

For other subject areas, this is a great, engaging template to work from.  Think of the possibilities:
  • 60 Second Lab Reports -- students actively film and photograph their progress in science experiments, and use the video as a precursor and framework for their written reports.
  • 60 Second Vocabulary Blitz -- foreign language students take a theme and create a one-minute video reviewing key vocabulary and its meanings.
  • 60 Second History -- focusing on a small area of the class topic, Social Studies students produce short films to reinforce their understanding and serve as a study aid.  These could also be collated online for an interactive revision tool. name just a few.

The beauty of the 60 second time limit is that it forces students to be focused, to think carefully about their language, and also not to get overwhelmed by the technology.

If your students are using Chromebooks, they come with an integrated camera for recording.  The results can be edited in WeVideo or WeVideo Next in the Chrome browser.  (WeVideo Next is a reduced-feature video editor, much like PhotoStory on Windows.)


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