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Capture Your Lessons and Flip Your Classroom with Chrome

You may have heard a lot about the "flipped classroom" which, if you're worried, has nothing to do with upturned furniture.  It's part of the blended learning model of instruction, where online learning is integrated into a regular classroom.

The "flip" occurs when students use homework time to view lectures, videos, or lessons, and are then able to spend more time in class working with their teacher to increase their understanding.

There are several resources out there that are free to use, and may align perfectly with your curriculum.  (Just do a quick search on YouTube to get started.)  But what happens when a resource isn't available, or what's available differs from your own methodology, or if it just isn't very good?

This guide will show you how to capture and create your own online lessons.  Full instructions and videos are after the jump.


Before you begin, install the following add-ons to Google Chrome:

Screen Capture

Flip Your Lesson

If you'd like to know more about flipping your classroom, creating online lessons, or capturing your class on video, please contact your friendly neighbourhood IMD co-ordinator!


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