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Google Slides + Google Forms = Nearpod!

When I was in the classroom, my two go-to tools were PowerPoint and Google Forms -- the former for delivering visual content and lesson instructions, the latter for formative assessment.  It was disjointed, but it worked for me.

With the move to online content and 1:1 classrooms, I knew there had to be a slicker, more integrated way of carrying out these same functions.  Enter: Nearpod.

Using a similar interface to Google Slides, Nearpod allows you to create online slideshows with the added benefit of embedding quizzes, surveys, and even freehand drawing (for maths problems!) into your slide deck.

What's more, students can sign-in to your slideshow using a PC, Chromebook, or their mobile device to view the content along with you, and take part in the interactive activities.

Transitioning to the new system is easy, as Nearpod will import your existing PowerPoint or PDF files and convert them into its own format.

The system is "freemium," meaning that many features are completely free, but you can pay to access more advanced capabilities, and also pay to download ready-made presentations.

For making the move to Augment your classroom on the SAMR model, this is a great piece of technology.


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