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Synergyse Updates

In a previous post I wrote about Synergyse, the fabulous training tool embedded in Google Drive/GAfE. I use the short audio/visual lessons as my first go to when I have a question about any of the Google apps.  The Synergyse peeps have released an updated version of and some of the new features you will see are:
  • Improved search
The search feature has been enhanced to provide more accurate results for training content, additional Google Apps training & tips from the Synergyse Blog are also returned when relevant.

  • Japanese support
Synergyse is now available in Japanese for all clients, you can access the interactive training content by switching your Google Apps interface languages to Japanese.
  • Video portal link for unsupported languages
When using an unsupported language, a link to the video portal will be provided in the training menu as an alternative option.
  • Related links lists open automatically
When watching a custom video with related links, the links list will open automatically at the end of the video.

  • Updated icon
The Synergyse logo & icon have received a minor update to look more modern and fit with upcoming changes to the Google Apps interfaces.

Try using the Synergyse training next time you have a question about Google  Drive, Docs, Calendar, or Sheets!


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