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Five Chrome Apps for Science

Chromebooks and the Chrome browser allow teachers and students to access all manner of interactive educational tools online.  Over the next few weeks, we'll highlight some of the best subject-specific tools out there.  We start this week with Science:

1. Chemical Elements

This presents a periodic table of elements, an elements list, and molecular weight calculator. Elements are given with their properties and images. 

2. MolView

MolView allows teachers and students to draw structural formulas, view 3D molecules, search and view compounds, proteins, and crystal structures.

3. Physics Dictionary

Physics Dictionary (or PhyDicS, to give it its TMZ nickname) presents  fundamental physics concepts in an interactive way. A second section of the app contains information about some famous physicists and basic laws of physics.

4. Astronomy Simulations

This app does what it says on the tin: simulations and animations for astronomy education. Topics include seasons, moon phases, coordinate systems, light, and more. 

5. BioDigital Human

Explore the human body in 3D.  Choose from thousands of interactive visualizations to build your own custom library of models. Interactive tools combined with detailed medical descriptions provide a unique, hands-on way for students to learn about anatomy.


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