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Five Chome Apps for Language Arts

Continuing our series of subject-based apps, here are five tools that can enhance the Language Arts classroom:

1. Road to Grammar

A series of practice quizzes on various aspects of grammar, along with interactive lessons to support/extend classroom instruction.  Also features a games section that will be very useful for ESL students.

2. OverDrive

For Chromebooks only!  Allows students to access books, ebooks, and online audiobooks through the public library system.  Students will need to have a library card in order to access the system, which can be obtained for free from Sno-Isle.

3. Classic Literature

An online library of free, classic books that allows students to annotate as they go.  Great for keeping track of new vocabulary, important quotations, and fully searchable for when it comes time to write that paper or prepare for a test.  

4. EasyBib

The best online tool for creating and managing bibliographies.  No longer will students miss citing a source and then say they can't remember what book/website/video they used.  With the Chrome extension, it's a simple one-click to add a website to a bibliography.

5. Word Quest

Why not have some fun?  This is a cute little game that challenges students to use spelling and vocabulary to defeat various monsters and collect treasure.  I particularly love it since the developers are from Dundee, so you receive messages like "You dobbered the evil wee spider!".


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