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Assigning Quizzes in Scholastic News

Scholastic News is an awesome resource for teaching current events, nonfiction text, and reading strategies. But now, there's even more! Scholastic has created quizzes using Google Forms that you can send to your Google Classroom for students to complete!

Follow these steps to have your students completing the online quizzes.

1. Sign into your Scholastic News account.

2. Click on the thumbnail image of the issue you'd like to use for the quiz.

3. Scroll down to see the 'Quizzes' icon.

4. Click on the icon, and when prompted, click 'OK'.

5. If this is your first time, you'll be prompted to give Scholastic access to your Google Account. Do it! It's okay!

6. You can view and edit the quiz by clicking the View/Edit button or just straight up assign it by clicking 'Assign'. Don't worry, you'll be able to assign it if you view and edit it first.

7. After you click 'Assign', choose which Classroom you'd like to share it to.

8. In the 'Choose action' menu, select 'Create assignment'.

9. Click 'Go'.

10. Give the assignment a title, adjust the point value, due date, and topic. Side note: The 'Topics' feature in Google Classroom earns the super-duper cool award for organizational bliss!

11. When you've finished with all the Classroom settings, click 'Assign'.

12. Your students will now be able to access the quiz through your Classroom!


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